“Life” began its journey as an international band in early 2016. The members however had been collaborating across the world to co-write and release songs since mid 2015.
Two members of LIFE come from Cairns in far north Queensland, Australia, and the other is from Cape Town, South Africa.

Rebeka Rain, (singer/songwriter) from Cairns, and Mick Evans (Producer/engineer of Melpro Recording Studio, keyboard player and songwriter) also from Cairns, teamed up in 2014 and co-wrote and released two albums.

Fate stepped in and they became acquainted with Kyle Petersen, an accomplished young musician who was writing and performing his own material in South Africa.
Mick and Rebeka then invited Kyle to visit Australia and together they co-wrote several songs.
They all knew this was the beginning of something magical and a bond was formed that needed to be taken further.
With the addition of xx123Recordsxx from Denmark into the team, “LIFE” was born.

Their first single, “Easy To Love” is a ballad to touch the hearts of anyone who has ever been in love.
Diversity is what to expect of “LIFE” as each member will bring a little of their own “spice” to the mix.
The name “LIFE” was born from a desire to encourage people to Love, Laugh, Dance, Feel, and above all Live Life to the Full!

“LIFE” will be releasing a debut album October 2016 and will be touring soon after.